We are change. We are style. We are passion.

We believe in the freedom to challenge status quo. That’s why we bring together the core values of true and pure Scandinavian design with the backbone of old-school sneaker’s anatomy.

Nature, style, quality and design are 100%
key components in a WODEN sneak!

That’s what WODEN philosophy is all about.
And that’s a promise we will keep!

We are WOrks of DENmark – we are WODEN.


The two founders Carsten Holm and Peter Hildebrandt established WODEN
in 2013 because they have a passion for creating quality sneakers with a strong appeal. They wanted to bend the rules and make an old dream come true – the first pure and true Scandinavian Sneaker.

As shoemakers with a strong track record of bringing shoes to the market, they knew that nature and Scandinavian design combined with a sneaker’s DNA and genuine quality at a midmarket price – would be the right platform to bring the WODEN movement to people around the world.

And the rest is history.

Today, WODEN shoes are sold in more than 500 stores around Europe and Israel and the demand for our sneaker’s is continuously growing. The WODEN family is constantly expanding with WODEN BLACK – our pure leather label and with the launch of WODEN WONDER – for kids in 2016.

We believe in products and people. That’s why our product is created by passionated, free-spirited and skilful people. And that’s why we care for functionality, anatomy and minimalism – spiced up with true WODEN DNA.

We believe that style and quality talk.

Our business is buildt on spending time creating great products. Not on great spendings in marketing.

Our sneakers are made of natural materials such as high quality leather and cork, with outsoles and lasts that are carefully designed to soothe the needs of urban feet.

So whether you are working, walking, running, biking, dining, dancing or shopping – a WODEN sneak is ready for the challenge.


The structure of the Sun Cross is one of the first non-pictorial graphs
to appear when humankind was on the threshold of the Bronze Age.

In ancient China this sign was associated with thunder, power, energy,
heat and respect. In ancient Babylon the similar structure symbolized
the sun god, Shamash.

In modern astrology it is the sign for the planet Earth, the astrological
element earth, and Fortuna, the Part of Fortune.